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Can you call the manager?


No sooner do you use a neutral tone and administer this request, you can begin to sense a flurry of activity especially in the hospitality businesses…

I have been visiting Jaipur since the last twelve months pretty often considering I have very little business generally scheduled in India’s pink city.  First time in recent 12 months I was introduced to Hotel Marriott by a United States government team with whom I had gone for a survey. I was taken aback by the positive energy emanating from this property. The staff looked very energetic and brisk. The hotel looked busy and yet warm and friendly. Service was quick and smiles were genuine. Processing of orders was sharper and communication was precise. No one hummed and hawed over any query. If the ‘Okra’ restaurant, where the morning breakfast is served, were to be represented on a binary screen, you would see electrons zipping across the floor continuously. Customers were made to feast over a wide spread for breakfast (which continues till 11 am on a Saturday and Sunday) and you would think why anyone would spend a penny over lunch. You may resist the temptation of an early lunch but if you find the buffet still piping hot and serving until 3 pm, you are tempted especially because the pricing makes it ‘no brainer’ over a’la carte.

The server to whom I had placed my request for seeing the manager seemed to have disappeared from my vision and I was trying to figure out whom among the various suited stewards was the manager. I was imagining that my query would first make the manager call the server and question him on all my recent orders and their fulfillment. Just then, a short cheerful looking young man began moving in the direction of my table. He looked too young to be a manager handling the fleet of people buzzing in the vast Okra hall. He approached me with a serious face and I could not help breaking into a smile. “Can you call the manager,” is generally a statement which seems that it would be followed by, I would like to lodge a complaint’, I began. Seeing him nod holding the serious expression, I could not hold the suspense any longer and added, ‘but I would like to offer my compliments.’ When I had finished, he was beaming from ear to ear.


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