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Air water-loo!


airline toilet

When you are traveling especially by air and use the toilet, have you had a situation when the toilet was filthy as you stepped in and by the time you realized this the previous occupant has ‘fled the scene’ where you barely got a good look at him or her? Now you are in the ‘hot seat’ and you know that there are several passengers waiting to enter once you have finished answering the nature’s call. You could either step out and call out to the steward or air hostess and complain about the state of the toilet, but you risk losing your place in the queue as you walk up to the concerned person for making your complaint. If the toilet is dirty but not bearable. Here the urgency of your need to use the toilet versus how dirty is the facility moves in inverse proportion. If the need is too high, you may be more forgiving as getting to the john itself may be a blessing with the number of people in the queue.

But once you have found relief in your bladder you are now faced with a dilemma as to whether you should clean someone else’s misadventures or face the risk of being blamed as the one who caused the mess. So before you step out, you examine the mess and contemplate whether you should put yourself to the task. If the person waiting behind you is known to you or is a pretty face whom you were eyeing, chances are you would need to don a ‘good Samaritan’ act and make yourself useful in keeping public toilets clean. But if the person behind you was a non-descript type, you may not be motivated enough to act in the best interest of society. What do you do in such cases?


3 thoughts on “Air water-loo!

  1. So like if it is very urgent but the loo is dirty.will come out just at the door and mention about the dirty toilet and then go back in,so as to mk it clear to the person behind that im not responsible for it.oncedine will inform to cabin crew to clean up the lavatory.

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  2. I would call out to the air hostess from the door so that waiting passengers would know it wasn’t me. If she doesn’t respond I would grumble loudly and then use the loo.

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