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Excuse me, stand on the right side!

Although travelators & escalators have been deployed across airports, malls, commercial complexes, tourist destinations etc in India now, users are still to get familiar in terms of using them. One would  encounter:

  • Those who have never used one. The first timers walk gingerly, need help in terms of getting on and off the travellator and they hold up a small bunch of people who are awaiting them to get onboard or are sometimes seen egging them on.Those who use them as a place of rest. So after a long walk or after a long day of meetings, or in expectation of a long walk ahead or a tiring evening ahead, these travelers prefer to stay stationery and expect others behind them to wait. They seem offended if the traveler behind them were to seek them to move aside and let them pass as if they are in ‘queue’ of some sorts. Such travelers place their carry-on luggage in such a fashion that it becomes impossible for anyone to go past them resulting in a small accumulation of a mass of people bunched behind them. Apart from seniors who occupy these strategic positions, couples block any movement for travelers behind them by assuming their positions suitable for a conversation between themselves which leaves no room for fellow travelers behind them to go past them.IMG_2775

For regular travelers this is very frustrating as if the travelers stood all on the right of the travellator or escalator, those that need to move faster will have room to move forward while those who are tired or senior or those holding babies etc could ease themselves and rest until they reach the next point where they alight. Given the increasing number of travelators and escalators which will be installed at metros, airports and railway stations in times to come, this could be a useful travel etiquette to promote.


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